Chef Alan White's Restaurant in Brighton

Exceptional Dining at The Grand Brighton

From the effortlessly stylish GB1 Seafood Restaurant & Bar to the sunny sea-facing Victoria Lounge, Bar and Terrace, The Grand Brighton offers an exceptional culinary experience to suit all.

If you would like to eat fish at one of the best restaurants in Brighton or you prefer to indulge yourself with afternoon tea, the luxury hotel The Grand Brighton is your best choice. Find our food and drinks offering below. 

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The Victoria Bar Signature Cocktails

The Victoria Bar menu offers a fusion of classic and innovative cocktails using a mix of vintages, locally distilled spirits and limited edition liqueurs.  

Our show-stopping signature cocktails are produced with true precision and care, inviting you to savour and enjoy every last sip. All come with their own unique story, inspired by The Grand's rich heritage and history. 


Columbus encountered the pineapple in 1493 on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Any guest, who was invited to a party where a whole pineapple was displayed, knew that no expense was spared in guaranteeing their enjoyment. It was this that made the crowned fruit the high symbol of social events and became the meaning of welcome, friendship and the international symbol of hospitality.

Diplomatico | Peach Purée  | Lime Juice | Vanilla Syrup | Pineapple Juice


Margaret Thatcher enjoyed nothing more than a whisky, hence the reason we have named a cocktail in her memory. She had a strong tongue and a vibrant personality which is matched perfectly by this cocktail.

Orange Marmalade | Monkey Shoulder Whisky | Lemon Juice | Cointreau | Angostura Bitters | Egg White


The Grand Hotel was designed by the architect John Whichcord Jr. and built in 1864. It was built for members of the upper classes visiting Brighton and remains one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. To this day, Bulleit Bourbon is distilled and aged in the Bulleit family tradition and charred in American oak barrels, which adds a smoky backbone. This cocktail has bitter and aromatic flavours.

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey | Lapsang Souchong Tea Syrup | Lime | Sugar Syrup Honey Bitters | Ginger and Basil


“This magnificent, unique and unrivalled structure had sprung up, as if by magic and forms the greatest ornament in town.” This cocktail depicts the hotel environment, exciting, strong, vibrant with an air of elegance.

Hendricks | Martini Rosso | Lemon Juice | Cointreau | Campari | Ginger Ale 


This unique Margarita is utterly refreshing and garnished with Pink Himalayan Salt, giving it a sharp yet fresh taste. Aptly named after the Royal Artillery salt water baths that used to stand where our Empress Suite is now, the baths were supplied with sea water pumped straight from Brighton’s shores. Residents and visitors alike would flock to the baths taking advantage of the many health benefits. Colourful, refreshing, regal.

Tequila | Dubonnet | Cointreau Lime Juice | Agave Syrup 

All £10.50 each 

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